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Petit Chateau luxury villas in France


Petit Chateau is proud to present the best villas for rent in the South of France. We offer rental villas in beautiful Corbieres, Languedoc, Provence and on the French Riviera. Our luxury villas for rent in South France are unique and placed on the best locations!


If you are going to spend your vacation in the South of France, enjoying the sun and the wonderful wines, then we have the best rental villas situated on vineyards, by the Canal du Midi, by the beach, in the peaceful villages and up in the mountains.

Petit Chateau luxury villas in France
Petit Chateau luxury villas in France


 you’ve looked around Petit Chateau, and are impressed by what you’ve seen,
but still wish for something more?


Our villas, chateaux and gorgeous estates feature state-of-the-art amenities, and are perfectly suited to a whole range of events and celebrations, from corporate events and friendly gatherings to family celebrations and big luxury weddings.

Petit Chateau luxury villas in France
Petit Chateau luxury villas in France


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