Product Launches

Do you need to launch a new product and invite stakeholders, journalists, and influencers?
Petit Chateau offers a selection of luxury villas and chateaux in France that are perfectly suited to your needs.

Choosing the best venue for a product launch

Before deciding on your venue, it’s important to define the objectives of your event. Businesses typically organize product launches to raise awareness, capture customers’ attention and drive sales. But beyond boosting revenue, a successful launch event can also build, solidify or change your brand image.

Giv your brand sophitication

Your choice of location conveys important messages about your company and product. Imagine inviting your guests to a luxury villa with stunning views over the Mediterranean, decorated with style and boasting the finest amenities. Choosing an elegant venue will give your brand and product an image of sophistication, quality, refinement, and style before it’s even been unveiled.

Attract journalists and influencers to your product launch party

Holding your event at a stunning castle in Southern France will help you attract more journalists and influencers, meaning you’ll get extensive media coverage. When invited to a gorgeous villa with breathtaking views, guests are also more likely to take pictures and share them on social media, giving your brand and product even more attention, and piquing the curiosity of the public.

Positive impressions

The venue is an integral part of your marketing strategy: a grand and spacious castle with outdoor space can be the perfect setting for an outstanding event. It will foster positive impressions of your brand and product, which journalists and influencers will then relay to their readers and followers in the press and on social media.


Do you need help planning your product launch? We’ve created a free guide with a convenient checklist to help you stay on top of everything and design a unique event!

Luxury villas and chateau

 Petit Chateau can help you design an unforgettable event that will reflect positively on your product and impress journalists, influencers, and stakeholders. We specialize in luxury accommodations in France and have extensive experience in event planning.

 We have a range of splendid villas and stately chateaux in Southern France that can welcome hundreds of people, boast first-class amenities, and offer plenty of space for indoor and outdoor activities.

We’ll work with you to find the very best venue for your event, brainstorm creative ideas to make your product launch memorable, and link with service providers to get everything you need. From private chefs to limousine service, helicopter, or boat rental, we can assist you throughout the planning process, giving you a single point of contact to streamline your workload and save you precious time. 

Take the first step by contacting us today, and let us take care of the rest.